About Us Three

My name is Erika, I am a single mom to twins, Jazzy and Zeke (also known as the Monkies) and I love being a mom. I didn’t want to be a single mom but I did want to be a mom…way later on. I love my lot in life with these two and how I am their mom. There is much to do about being a mom and raising children, but I do love every moment of it.

 me and the twins (5)

Jazzy is my DIVA through and through and I love everything about this little fashionista, from her slick talking self to the way she twirls when she is just being here. Jazzy is the light of my world.

 my babies

Zeke is my little man, the one and only who can make me smile while he is getting punished. His smile is bright and is seen even through his eyes, his heart his pure, and you can tell he is simply a gentlemen, even at six.

zeke man

I started this blog (on and off) as a way to express myself, to be involved with my internet mommies, and to (hopefully) reach out and be an inspiration to other single moms. I love being a mom and just want to share in our journies!

-Erika, Zeke, and Jazzy