Oh, hello November!

Two things for November I can count on; thankful posts all over Facebook and the Saviors or Thanksgiving workers.

Let me break down the last one. There are a lot of people who get on their soap boxes about not letting people work on Thanksgiving, saying you won’t shop at a place that makes their employees come to work. Stop, please, stop. From a low income family, sometimes working Thanksgiving is a God send. When I was coming up in the world, I worked Red Lobster doubles for weeks and being able to work right before and right after the holiday boosted up my check big time.

When I begin working retail, I was 17 and taking care of my family, bills, and handling two jobs. When someone asked me to work extra, I did it, and I enjoyed it (sometimes). However, when people would get mad that the mall was opening at 7pm on Thanksgiving and gave the mall stores the option to do it, I was always confused. So you want me to be broke?

Do you know what working on Thanksgiving can do for a family who is either low or middle income? If you work 8-10 hours Monday through Wednesday (say 10 hours because you know holidays) that’s already 30 hours. If you work Friday 10-12 hours (because you know, Black Friday. Let’s say 12 hours) 42 hours now. If you work Thanksgiving (8-9 hours) 50 hours! Now if you work before and after a holiday, you get that lovely holiday pay, yes people get it regardless (sometimes), but if you work it, it could be time and a half and it’s glorious when you see it on your check.

Let’s break this down further. The Saviors Of Thanksgiving Day usually are women who want that break for everyone because they get it. I think that’s great, but you also may have an income that can afford that break, most don’t. The Saviors Of Thanksgiving may also be the wives of husbands who will go to one of those shops the wife is boycotting and be there when the store opens up at 7pm for Black Friday.

When we are honest with ourselves, Thanksgiving is done once food has been served. Most people want to be at work with people that they actually like hanging out with. Or the possibility that a family could count on the store bringing in a potluck, so they can bring home food to their families (yes, it’s a thing). We all aren’t fortunate to have huge spreads, we all aren’t fortunate to have family coming over or be able to go to families, we all aren’t fortunate to have a job that wants to open on Thanksgiving.

As person who needed the money, I enjoyed taking someone’s time who didn’t want to work, especially if I had it off (didn’t do anything anyways) and I would see the glory on my check. I know there are a lot of single parents who would love to spend the whole day with their kids, but they would also love to pay their bills, to give them that Christmas they couldn’t afford last year. There are many kids who are helping their families pay bills, many fathers who just got a job after being unemployed for months or a mom who is finally in her own place with her kids and life is finally on track. We all aren’t fortunate in this “great” country of ours. Thanksgiving isn’t even a whole day (IMO) people are getting ready with food and fixings from 7a-2pm, dinner, and then football, believe me, I am working at home, I  might as well go to work and get paid for it.

So, to all the Saviors of Thanksgiving day sit down. Please. If the workers of Target, Macys, Nordstrom’s, Staples, Big Lots, Costco’s, etc. haven’t complained too much, please let them work and get money.


A New “The Life Of Four”

What does it mean to blog?

I honestly don’t know any more. I know I love blogging and speaking to people and really getting to know others via my blog, but I need to be more consistent about that and if you follow this (or at least try to) you know I say that a lot. I found a blogging challenge that I have fallen in love with and I am going to do that. I have been waiting to start my blog back up because I was waiting for my kids to come home, but I still should have been writing more. I do hope you follow The Life of Four…yup I changed it, find out here.

I am in the middle of making this into a single mom lifestyle blog, writing at least once a week and has I become more consistent, up to four times a week! Budgeting, new recipes, science kid projects (I am actually excited about this one) and how to be a sexy beast as a single mom.

sand hearts

I am on two platforms right this moment, and I am unsure which way to go. I want to buy my “Life of Three” domain, but I don’t know anything I want to do after that. Being a paid blog will help me get more reviews, help me get more jobs for the blog where I can really explore the things I want and be able to make it really a fun and creative blog for single moms…especially with multiples!

So, that is blogging for me. I want to be more consistent, be more open to change, figure out my blog platform, and really be a helping stone for moms.



Erika S.

Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back!

So I am playing catch up. November and December I didn’t blog, not because I didn’t want to, but because I couldn’t find the energy after working 10 hours a day at my job, doing motherly things with the twins, and then trying to blog about life.

However, I am back, work is still crazy, I’m still doing motherly things, but I learned a few things about putting some things on the back burner and handling some other things first…I think they call that prioritizing.

My business has picked up a bit, I love wedding planning. Went into a partnership with a good friend, we run a DIY wedding workshop company, more than just DIY weddings, but that is the main premise, and we are doing well in that area.

I have been working on (in my mind) writing down some of my goals. Spiritually, personal, and business wise. I think I know where and why I keep messing up in the New Year. I don’t write things out and I love writing things out. I am actually going to be writing out those things tonight and then typing them up, for some reason that works so well for me.

This isn’t a long, well thought out post, just something I wanted to share and say hi to all again! I am going to get to writing about all the wonderful things going on, especially excited about our blogging challenge happening in two weeks.

Yours for a moment,


It’s a new Day! Ready, set, go

The Life of Three has been an amazing journey for me. I have grown, gotten lots of new friends, learned some things about myself, and really enjoyed blogging with the twins in my mind. I have learned a lot and still much to learn to take my blog to many places! Changes are being made.

My sister has a saying called “It’s a new day” and she says it to her kids as a way to let them know that their actions, attitudes or other things in general are changing and will no longer be tolerated. I chuckle at it because I can see that the kids really are worried about what is going to change and what is this new day? A few days ago, that saying has been in my head though, things I need to change, stuff I want to change, the ways I want to do things, etc.

It’s a New Day

I’m comfortable with making changes but with making lifestyle changes is hard for me. Mental changes and emotional changes are harder for me to take on though and those are the ones that really need to change and that I need to be comfortable with.

Making changes is somewhat easy; it takes 30 days for someone to create a habit. My tips are to write down the things you want to change, put it on a calendar or like a checklist and everyday you do it, you should be able to check it off. Change is going to be hard but be comfortable with it.

With this blog I have become comfortable about writing, opening up, and just doing more things. I have also become comfortable with the changes that will soon be happening. I have a lot of work to do, but going to be doing it well.

A morning of truths

Welcome back I tell myself as I start blogging for this lovely blog of mine! I can’t figure some of the website out, but still working on it. This week has been amazing, from lots of food (YUM) to family, friends, talking to ones I thought I didn’t like, being able to put some past issues to rest, and really writing out my blogging calendar (still working on that tonight). I am so blessed and glad to be back to writing! I got stuck for a moment, I couldn’t think of what I wanted to say, what I wanted to do, how to get my blog to where I want it to be…shoot to be honest, I also had writers block.

I started looking around blogs that I love to read, blogs that inspire me, blogs that helped me when I was starting out and just blogs I loved when I was at a low point in my life. Business blogs, lifestyle blogs, baby blogs, writing blogs…goodness, all types and I started learning what I wanted to do, blog. To this day, it is still hard to blog about things since I didn’t have a clear view of what I wanted to do. As I took this time off and really sat down, I know I write about a lot of stuff but it is just that “stuff” and I didn’t want my blog to be just stuff; I wanted it to be something different.

So, I wrote a blog business plan, thanks to the SITS girls, check out their blog post here (http://www.thesitsgirls.com/make-money/create-a-business-plan-for-your-blog/)

Now, I have a clear view of what I want: single mom lifestyle blog and how to go about it: that is my plan, not yours lol and I have a clear view of how to connect with others: start small…not big!

I am creating this blog as a Single mom lifestyle blog, featured and geared towards black single moms with twins…and if you aren’t black or don’t have twins, that is fine too…I love you all! I want to show a way to budget while being a single mom, a way to have a nice lifestyle while on said budget; I want to show a way to create awesomeness in the craziness of being that single mom on a budget. Most of all, I really want women all over to be inspired, to really want to move forward with their singleness, to be a bloggess of mass awesomeness. I want moms and women to feel the empowerment I want to bring, I want to seek out the women who don’t believe in themselves, I want to connect and partner with some amazing women owned businesses and give back to single moms. I want my blog to empower single moms and to really bring forth our ability to be more and go beyond “single moms”. I just want a blog that women (and men, if so) can come to and really connect.

With that being said, I have dedicated some of the next few weeks to work the errors out of each category I have, to really get the site up and running, to finishing connecting with others and really find awesome opportunities for other single moms out there. I have a business plan, a call to action for myself, and to blog like I’ve never blogged before! Super excited!!

Join me on this journey, really connect with me, sing up, join, and stay tuned for some more awesomeness!